Q. Where are the products from?

The products are from our Food supplier Gordon Food Service. Gordon Food Service is a family owned distributor supplying high quality restaurant foods to customers like us for over 120 years.

Q. Are the products sources locally?

Most products are Canadian, while local items can be identified by the "local" badge on the site.

Q. Is this the same product as the restaurant?

We have selected some of the most popular products that would be suitable for home use. These products are used in many restaurants but may not be the same as we use in our restaurant, most of our products for the restaurant are in a larger pack size format that might be too big for home use.

Q. Is this a limited time only?

Yes, we thank you for your support and plan on continuing as long as the demand is required.

Q. Is the product fresh or frozen?

Click on the read more button of the product description on the webpage for more information. Most protein items are frozen with industry leading technology to ensure quality.

Q. How does this benefit the restaurant?

The sale from the truckload creates a new revenue stream for our establishment, it helps in offsetting the change in business of the restaurant industry. We thank you for your support!

Q. How does this support my community?

By taking advantage of bulk deals on restaurant quality foods this spring, you’re supporting a local family restaurant AND helping to keep essential food supply chains healthy in your area.

Q. Will the products be consistent on every truckload?

These are commodity items that are susceptible to price fluctuation and supply availability, similar to the experience at a grocery store. Items may vary from truckload to truckload sale

Q. What order confirmation will I receive?

You will receive two (2) different confirmation. One is an order confirmation from the restaurant, and the other is a transaction confirmation from STRIPE.

Q. Which do I need at the time of pick up?

When picking up your order, please have your “Restaurant order confirmation” ready.

Q. What happens if I didn't receive any confirmation?

Most likely there is an issue with the email address provided. Please email renee.miller@gfs.com for assistance in resolving this matter.

Q. Are the items individually packed?

Almost all items are either individually quick frozen or packaged individually. Example, the chicken comes in a 4kg pack size but are individually quick frozen so you can easily grab one piece out of the box. Steaks are vacuum sealed, 2 steaks per pack which you can easily separate for one serving.